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Play Games and Earn Bitcoins

The FUN part of getting bitcoins is that you can play games to earn them. Well, usually you will earn small amounts almost every 5 mins per game but when you have some time to spend, it is a great start and most of all its guaranteed FREE!

These sites are also called Bitcoin faucets. For a more detailed look at what these are you can visit our Bitcoin faucets article.

Here is a list of our favorites!


BitKong is a certified fair Bitcoin game online. Bet your luck and Bitcoins against the big bad monkey!


This Bitcoin faucet is totally FREE giving out up to 160 Satoshis per 20 minute. You will be rewarded a random amount of Satoshi from 61 to 160 every time you visit the faucet. Sign up and provide your email and Bitcoin address and start to earn. You can withdraw your funds once it reaches 20 000 Satoshi. ClaimBTC also gives bonuses so make sure to use it once you receive it.

Daily Doge

Daily Doge is one of the best new faucets today. They claim to be the most popular doge blog and doge social sharing website. Just find doges and earn Bitcoin rewards.

Faucet Game

Play with a number of casino-style faucet games in the website. You can earn Bitcoins for free in many ways where you can earn up to 250 satoshis per 15 minutes. They also offer Bonus Weekend on Saturdays and Sundays where Bitcoin rewards are increased and a Daily Bonus basing on your user level. You can upgrade your level using credits that you earn inside the game for free.


Visit Milli website and get 75 up to 10,000 Satoshis every 5 minutes! You can benefit seniority bonuses if you are a loyal Milli user. Use the site once every 30 days so you get 10% increase on all of your payouts. Milli is very easy to use; just enter your BTC address and answer a captcha, then claim your Bitcoin rewards.


Coin888 is the best fruit machine faucet. They claim to be the highest paying BTC faucet in the world. You can choose on easy games or difficult ones for a chance to win more coin. You can get 50% rewards from your referrals. Play anywhere in complete privacy. Just provide your Bitcoin wallet to receive your rewards. Coin 888 has now changed its brand to Goldsday.


Coinbrawl is a new and unique type of Bitcoin faucet. It is an RPG faucet game where you fight enemies, level up your hero and earn satoshis. You can also build a team to earn more rewards.

Field Bitcoins

At Field Bitcoins, you can decide how often you claim your reward. Most faucets only allow once every hour or once every day but at Field Bitcoins, you earn every 5 minutes. If you only play once a day then you claim a large amount of satoshis that has built up while you were away or you can also earn smaller amount every after 5 minutes.

Daily Free Bits

Claim as much as 100 up to 1200 Satoshis for free at Daily Free Bits every after one hour. You don’t need to work on something but to click! Instant payouts to your BTC address through when you reach 2000 satoshis. Earn more at 25% of referral’s earnings.

Land of Bitcoin

Get free Bitcoins instantly at Land of Bitcoin, a powerful and easy to use faucet. It has a slogan, “Earn free Bitcoins, start small, go big!”

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