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Why Pokemon GO and Bitcoin are a perfect match?

Pokémon has been a childhood fantasy during 90’s and even up to this time. It has been a favorite movie and TV series, and there are a lot of games, toys, and collectibles made of its brand.

Early this July 2016, Pokémon GO was launched and quickly gone viral. It is a mobile role playing game where gamers can catch Pokémons anywhere using their smart phones. It has an augmented feature where you can see Pokémons virtually around you using your phone’s camera and GPS. This is such an excellent blend of gaming and technology.

It is very surprising that many people have dived into this virtual-reality game in just a short period of time. It is because of its very addictive and fun game mechanics where you chase virtual creatures, throwing your Poké balls to catch ’em all. The social media was then filled up with screenshot images and memes about the game.


There are locations in the real world where gamers can stop to be able to acquire useful in-game items and Pokémons. They are called PokéStops and they are refreshed every five minutes with a new batch of virtual characters and virtual items. These areas are usually common places such as parks, museums, monuments and also bars, cafes, and restaurants. This would be a great opportunity for businesses, especially the starting ones, to get an influx of customers by being near to those PokéStops.

Lure Module

Pokémon GO also offers this very interesting opportunity to businesses where they can buy a “lure module” to attract Pokémons in a PokéStop for 30 minutes. This will give them an opportunity to increase their customers to buy their goods and services, as gamers or Pokémon trainers flock in their place for Pokémons.

Since “lure module” can only be used by those businesses located in PokéStops, there have been a lot of requests to Niantic Labs, the game developer, to have their area considered as a PokéStop. A recent update from Niantic is now giving a chance for these requests. Businesses or anyone can now post your request through this link on their website.

Some of these modules cost almost $1.00 or 100 PokéCoins. Also, you can add up things like an egg incubator for 150 coins and a bag upgrade for 200 coins.

Speaking of coins, would there be a chance to integrate Bitcoins to Pokémon GO?

Using Bitcoin inside Pokémon GO

There have been a lot of speculations and suggestions about this probability as there have been a number of games that already had gone hand in hand with the cryptocurrency. These games were Minecraft, FlapPig, Sarutobi and a few other game endeavors. Pokémon GO then has invigorated some Bitcoin enthusiasts to imagine the idea of using Bitcoin inside the game.

Firstly, it would be a real revolution if Niantic Labs will accept Bitcoin as payment for in-game items and at the same time for lure modules. An example would be the PokéBalls which are expendables whenever a player caught a Pokémon. In order to replenish your PokéBalls, you need to buy them at the PokéShop using real money. That real money can also be a gaming experience for players being able to earn real-world incentive and a potential lead to more and more Bitcoin users.

Another idea formed was the concept of having an asset based crypto-coin that can be traded through the Bitcoin blockchain. So the current game currency which is Pokécoins will be replaced with a more secure crypto-coin.

Also, there is a suggestion that aside from catching Pokémon in the game, what if you can also catch Bitcoins in small amounts of it. In that sense, Pokémmon GO is not just a virtual game but also a Bitcoin faucet game.

Some also suggested that this combination with Bitcoin would increase the game’s credentials as it provides security to the identities of the players. It would give comfort to gamers that they would not have to use their credit card details in playing the game.

On the other side, not all in the Bitcoin community are looking forward to this as they take Bitcoin blockchain as a serious thing and not just as an added feature to any games. Only those Bitcoin users that play the game aspire to have Bitcoin integrated to it.

Playing online games are fun and exciting but the integration of Bitcoin on them gives a unique twist. No worries about security hindrances since the Bitcoin Blockchain is a public ledge and we can trace where the money goes.

Nevertheless, The Bitcoin game development is slowly starting to grow into the mainstream. PokéBits for instance, a game intended for the bitcoin community, was launched few months before Pokémon GO. It is an online RPG browser game combined with Bitcoin. As of this time of writing, there are more than 4,000 PokéBits users from around the world.

Another Pokémon and Bitcoin mash-up is the Bitcoin Plays Pokémon game. It was launched in March this year and was created by Jordan Hall, a web developer, and programmer. The game is hosted on the famous online platform Twitch.tv.

Wrapping it all up, it is no doubt that the Bitcoin community and Pokémon GO will both gain a lot from this possible synergy. One thing for sure, both will attract more users to each other and would create greater opportunities for game developers, Bitcoin users, and gamers. Everyone will certainly gotta catch ’em all!

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