Buy Bitcoin instantly without registration – A review to Indacoin

People like to get things simple and instant. Just as buying Bitcoins, it is getting much easier and faster nowadays. If you want to buy Bitcoins without the hassle of account registration, you can opt to buy at Indacoin.

Indacoin is a virtual currency trading platform which offers instant exchange using your credit card. What makes them unique is that they offer a no registration purchase of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum using your credit card. All you need to do is to provide the amount of Bitcoin you want to buy, your credit or debit card details, an email address, your phone number and the Bitcoin address you want your Bitcoin to receive too. This feature is available to over 200 countries around the globe. They accept 3D-Secured Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards. Other payment systems they offer are PerfectMoney, Payoneer, UnionPay, and OKPay. They currently do not have the option for bank account payments.

Indacoin is available in languages such as English, Spanish, Chinese and Russian. It is based in London, UK.


Aside from offering an instant cryptocurrency exchange, they also offer a Bitcoin wallet service and Trading platform. For these additional services, users are required to create an account in order to use them. Trading allows users to buy and/or sell Bitcoin, Litecoin and/or Ethereum at the best price in the market or at users own set price. Users will be able to see how much they are going to pay or get and the expected profit from the trade. They also allow users to adjust leverage and margin sum and specify Take profit and Stop loss prices. Indacoin provides BTC/USD, LTC/USD and ETH/USD currency pairs.

Indacoin offers a way for users to earn more through referrals. Users need to sign up an account in order to get an affiliate link. Affiliates can earn up to 3% for every purchase made by their referrals. Users can withdraw their earnings in real-time using Bitcoins or through Payza.


Indacoin’s fees are very visible to their users. They provide a page that contains a list of fees they to deposits and withdrawals of funds. All cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals do not have fees while transactions through credit/debit cards have 4%(min $2), Payza has 2.9%+$0.3, BTC-E code has 0% and Alfa-click has 4.5%.


Indacoin limits your first purchase to $35 and increased to $100 in the second and $500 on the third one. After one month, you will be able to buy as much as $3000 worth of Bitcoins every day, $7000 every week and $15000 every month. You can have a maximum of four transactions a day, eighth every week and twenty transactions per month.


The website is SSL encrypted and offers 2-Factor Authentication. Their privacy policy is clearly stated in details on their Terms of Use page.

Indacoin does not store your credit card details. They only remember your email address and your card number so you do not need to enter your verification code on your next purchase using the same credit card.

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