A review to CoinsBank – an all-in-one blockchain services provider

Do you want a Bitcoin wallet, a debit card, an exchange and a merchant payment tool? You have it all-in-one at CoinsBank.

CoinsBank offers a variety of blockchain services online. It is the one place to go for all of your Cryptocurrency needs. It is a practical option having all those services in just one account login. Aside from having those services, they also offer real-time price information of the cryptocurrencies they support through their analytic tools and charts. Currently, they offer services to all Bitcoin and Litecoin users only. Also, all of the services they offer are accessible through your smartphones or mobile devices with full functionality as the desktop client.


The best thing that their wallet service offers is its capability of handling multi-currency accounts. You can deposit and withdraw funds with BTC, LTC, USD, EUR, GBP, RUB, CHF, JPY and AUD accounts. You can also create multiple accounts on each of the currency types and name them preferably, so you can manage your funds accordingly. They offer instant deposits and withdrawals with minimal fees. Fund transfers between wallet accounts are free and easy.

For better security of your account, they allow two-factor authentication and implement careful verification and consideration on all of your account’s activities, and also they respond promptly to questions by the users.

Debit Cards

ConsBank offers 6 types of cards available in USD, EUR, GBP, and RUB. You can request one or several of the cards at once. They offer 10 Satoshi daily cash back bonus every time you spend a cent using your card. All of your cards are manageable through CoinBank’s mobile app available on iOS and Android devices. The following are the types of cards:

  • No-name – for users who prefer to be anonymous in using the card
  • No-name Limited – this card is available internationally however its turnover is only limited to 300 USD or 250 EUR
  • Named – this card has lower commissions and fees than no-name cards. It is issued personally and is only available to users who live in non-restricted countries.
  • Named White – it is a special card which offers no monthly fees for the rest of the card’s lifetime.
  • Virtual – this card is created in five minutes only. It is used for online payments and issued for one month, three months, one year or three years.
  • Virtual Prepaid – this card is created in five minutes only. It is preloaded and used for online payments only.


CoinsBank trading platform offers an easy interface accessible to both beginners and professional traders. They also offer convenient orders management and actual time exchange information. They do not require any documents from users for trading. The exchange FOREX licensed which allows users to trade not just cryptocurrencies but also major currencies in the world. They also provide advanced protection, security, and control of investments.

Merchant tool

If you own an online business, CoinsBank offers an easy to use solution in accepting cryptocurrency payments. It is very easy and fast to set up and offers flexible options for payouts.

Signing up an account with CoinsBank is also easy and unique. They will only require you a phone number and a password to create your account. Verification is done through an SMS confirmation code or Google Authenticator. This blockchain services provider is definitely a highly recommended tool for all cryptocurrency users.

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