A review to Coinsecure – the leading Bitcoin trading platform in India

Looking for a Bitcoin trading platform in India? Coinsecure is one of the fastest and largest Bitcoin exchange in India. Founded by CEO Mohit Kalra and CTO & co-founder Benson Samuel in June 2014, they formed a team of passionate Bitcoin enthusiasts to build and provide amazing products to Bitcoin users across India. They have a single motto of “Connecting India to Bitcoin” which is their core mission and have helped them create solutions for Bitcoin users in the country.

Previous and Recent Developments

Bitcoin has a slow but a steady growth in India and Coinsecure, with other major Bitcoin exchanges in the country, has helped in strengthening the cryptocurrency’s adoption in the country. In just a short span of time since the startup was established in 2014, it gained a lot of support with a total funding of $1.2M and eventually succeeded as one of India’s prominent Bitcoin company. Coinsecure up to this day, still, has the highest funding amongst other Bitcoin companies in the country.

One of the issues that Coinsecure has solved is the liquidity problem of Bitcoin in India. In a Cointelegraph interview to CTO Benson Samuel, he said that Coinsecure has proven to be one of the best startups in India and they have developed from being just an exchange to delivering a wallet and a merchant gateway too. He also mentioned Bitcoin has opened up the eyes of Indian people that there is an alternative to the traditional centralized financial system.

In March 2016, Coinsecure launch a new feature which allows Bitcoin users to create or give names to their own Bitcoin wallet. It was made possible through a partnership with Netki, a company that provides digital identity certificates to companies that use the blockchain technology. The main purpose of Coinsecure about this wallet naming is to make wallets easier and more reliable to use.

Early this year, Coinsecure collaborated with other Indian Bitcoin exchange Zebpay and Unocoin by forming an industry-wide organization named as the Blockchain and Virtual Currency of India. With this association, member companies can form regulatory frameworks and work together to move the Bitcoin industry in India forward, helping Indian people to adapt to the cryptocurrency.

Coinsecure Products

Creating an account does not take up much of your time. Initially, you will create a username and provide your email and password. Then verify your account via email.

Bitcoin Wallet

Coiunsecure offers an off-chain Bitcoin wallet which means the users’ private keys are secured and protected. The private keys are stored in multiple geographical locations under secure vault. The Coinsecure wallet is very user-friendly and can easily be accessed in the dashboard. The wallet allows you to create multiple accounts or addresses. Sending and receiving Bitcoins can be easily done in just a few clicks. Send and receive buttons can be easily found in the screen.

Trade Engine

In order to trade in Coinsecure, you need to transfer Bitcoins to the Trade Engine from your Bitcoin wallet. Just go to your wallet and click on the Send Bitcoin button. Instead of inputting a Bitcoin address, click on the drop-down button to choose “Send to Trade Engine”. Current Buy and Sell prices, 24 hour High & Low prices and 24-hour rolling volume of the exchange are clearly displayed on the screen. Also, you will be able to see your Trade, INR and wallet balances. The Buy and Sell forms readily shows the current market price in the Rupee field. The user will just have to enter the amount of Bitcoin and click the Buy or Sell button in order to complete the trade.

Overall, Coinsecure is one of those exchanges you can recommend to newbies. The website is very user-friendly and very informative with learning tools for Bitcoin beginners.

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