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Is Dav2Trade the next big thing in the world of passive income?

What got me started sitting in front of my laptop or mobile screen is the opportunity to build a steady passive income from almost zero and become a cornerstone for your family and closest circle. There were tons of ideas over the past decade, the period I’m digitally active, that caught my attention and I’ve tried to analyze as much as possible, all in order to diversify my income channel portfolio, so I think it’s safe to say how analyzing the market and focusing on new and upcoming projects has provided me with the ability to catch up with the trends once they catch full swing.

The wonderful world of crypto trading

That’s why I’ve decided to invest myself into cryptocurrency at the beginning of 2016 and explore where can I apply my skills, gaining leverage on the industry. The first opportunity I spotted right off the bat were altcoins or better said coins other than Bitcoin. The little fellows entered the market extremely often, which corresponded with the steady growth of the market cap.

What almost all of them had in common was huge changes in price, in some instances even tripling their starting price. Heck I’ve witnessed NEO go from 0.15$ to 50$ and that’s crazy that’s going from 15 cents to 5000 cents and that’s that’s more than 300 times more than your original investment per coin. Send me the bank that offers that kind of ROI in your first 6 months of saving with them. The point was to find the right coins and be patient with your money, but mostly, DIVERSIFYEven when you try to diversify your portfolio you should want to build a second level of investment diversification where you spread horizontally across the niche you’re after.

My years of PPC, affiliate, SEO, branding, social have been well and I currently run an office of five people working for our clients, but the idea of building a completely steady profit was something I was looking forward. I started out with a small set of rigs (processor with graphic cards and some other elements) that I maintained easily after some lengthy initial setup to balance the power consumption and employ max capacity of your processing power.

Returned my initial investment within the first 90 days and was really happy when I started trading between altcoins with the profit I’ve made from the previous transaction and I guess most beneficial for me is that I saved the Bitcoin and I’m still holding onto it. I look at the Bitcoin as my savings account and all the other altcoins are just somewhat of a short investment high-profit type of thing.

Most rewarding for me in the past couple of months was, of course, the Ethereum and I can’t say I did badly with the Bitcoin as well.

The resources

But the most important thing I’ve learned is how you need a stable source of information to build that stream to the next level and one of the best things I’ve come across is BitcoinTalk and Dav2Trade. On Bitcointalk I gather data about new projects and on Dav2Trade I exploit that information to seamlessly trade my coins while generating passive income from the very platform on its own.

There are various packages included and I would suggest you test everything with the starter package as I did and play around a little bit with the trading scenarios and market research supported by BitcoinTalk.

Here’s an interesting video about the project that will provide more info: 

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